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Project Management can be termed the “mother” of all professions. While a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or results (PMBOK Guide 5th Edition), bound by a specified time frame, today’s entrepreneurs, the service industry, charities, parastatal, public and private sectors, have become more and more project oriented as most have learnt the benefits of ‘projectizing’ their business activities, splitting down business activities into manageable time-frame thereby aligning them  tothe project management skill sets. This has made life to become more of a living project today.

Organizations that are projects oriented turn to make maximum use of scarce resources if the PMI’s PMBOK standard to project management is applied.

The acceptance of project management as a profession indicates that the application of knowledge, processes, skills, tools, and techniques can have a significant impact on project success. The PMBOK® Guide identifies that subset of the project management body of knowledge that is generally recognized as good practice. “Generally recognized” means the knowledge and practices described are applicable to most projects most of the time, and there is consensus about their value and usefulness. “Good practice” means there is general agreement that the
application of the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques can enhance the chances of success over many projects. “Good practice” does not mean that the knowledge described should always be applied uniformly to all projects; the organization and/or project management team is responsible for determining what is appropriate for any given project. The PMBOK® Guide also provides and promotes a common vocabulary within the project management profession for using and applying project management concepts. A common vocabulary is an essential element of a professional discipline.

It incorporates PMI’s Lexicon of Project Management Terms which is the foundational professional vocabulary that can be consistently used by project, program, and portfolio managers and other stakeholders.

We have been built on this to bring you the best services in the industry while making use of the tools and techniques to accomplish every task as planned within the triple constraints.

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Scoffy N. Wangang,PMP