Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches

managers & leadersThere is always discussion between Management and Leadership, in fact, they two does have similar traits but distinct responsibilities and functions. According to Kotter 2000, management and leadership are two distinctive and complementary in business environment, there is no which one is better than other one because they all have they own functions and characteristics to be necessary in successful business cases. Leadership and management both are very essential and not replaceable.

Leaders & Managers(Source from:James, K. 2017)

What is the traits between management and leadership? Management is more focus on organization, structure and working efficient. Manager as the upper middle position in the company, they need to communicate with subordinates and report to higher management level, it is a hub to connect with administrates team and control the system and working efficient. Management team also needs to cope with complexity situations because of they must take the responsibility of the company and work in the present, meanwhile organize people. Furthermore, management have to take business operations, which base on wisdom decision making,clarity situation evaluate and accurate finance and budget. Compare with leadership, management has less involved into productive jobs, because they are more focus on the big business environment.
Leadership is more directly work with subordinates and take part in the specific cases. It’s a job to focus on leading the right way to match the goals, for example follow and control the group process, making proper strategies, gathering internal and external information, give feedback, build good internal and external relations, motivating group members and sometimes even needs to coach new the comers.

According to James, 2017, effective managing is not about making speeches or being liked’ management is defined by results not attributes. From my point of view, the most effective approach to managing the work of subordinates must be achieve the following points:

  • A good reputation of manager and leader.  As the person who is setting for the leading purpose, they should let people believe and trust them, that is ask the necessary good reputation and high credibility.
  • Be friends with subordinates to leading in a right way.  In order to working effectively, a good leader or manager should arrange the works base on the stuff personal strength and that is require them get to know the necessaries and personalities of the subordinates.  Being friends with subordinates can make rational division of labor also help forward communication.
  • Outstanding personal ability. Have an excellent master manager or leader is able to solve some complexity situations and when any issue comes our, it can offer very strong back up and solutions.
  • Commission sale. For inspire and motivate subordinates, commission is always a good way, when the personal benefit combine with company profit the potential goal will be the same and concern all the sectors together.

A leader shows the way

I do agree with CMI 2013. Command and control might be worked in the history but not in modern age. Because of the citizenship is changing and the whole business environment is moving on to more equal trending. Managing base on the circumstance and arrange work depends on the personal strengths will able to bring more effective.

Leader examples that I would like to work with:

  • Alibaba is one of the most successful eCommerce companies, Jack Ma as the founder of Alibaba, he is always treat himself as an authentic leader (Gallardo, 2017). He is welcomes his staff’s candid opinions; a sense of humor is highly recommended in the office. Furthermore, he is very willing to hire diverse team in his company and treating them respect and honestly.
  • Facebook has been considered the best place to work (Walter, 2017). As the founder and CEO Zuckerberg is a very successful leader. He is always open to suggestions from his subordinates. There are 5ps in his leadership style which are passion, purpose, people, product and partnership.  He is the person who is always full of passion; do only meaningful movement and very clarify; he is always care about his team and giving them various benefit; he loves to be creative and innovation all the time; last important is he is having strong partnership and leading company on great future. Zuckerberg is an effective and intelligent leader.

As a member of a team, I would like to be managed by someone that we respect each other. I would like to make good cooperate with the manager who have the strong working ability also good personalities, it will make me learn from them also be friends with them. For me working in a nice environment and nice mood is quite important. e a friend not only a manager or leader of me.

IMG_4052© Scoffy Wangang 2016

Recommendations for managers on how to use knowledge of leadership skills to produce better results.

  • Friendly altitude to communicate, like being friends with staff, show good patient or be a good listener.
  • Commission sale, combine company profit and project result with subordinates, make sure the everybody working on the same goal.
  • Build a good personal image.


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4 thoughts on “Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches

  1. Change management is crucial for every organisation. It is imperative also to have visionary leaders who are not conditioned to the status quo it is therefore essential that management leads by example. First you should have management “buy in” in everything that is new before implementation, be it organisation knowledge management system, or any other system or programme that will benefit the organisation immensely. An organisational management system is likely to be unsuccessful if the top level management does not support the system. It rests upon champions in their fields to come upon with good strategies that can convince senior level management rather than confuse them. Knowledge managers should sensitize and make people aware that if an organisation does not manage knowledge can make losses if it a business enterprise and ultimately be closed because customers would lose confidence in them


  2. Change is inevitable. Change somehow can enhance organisational performance thereby rending organisations to be competitive. Knowledge management is an organisational tool that can pay dividends. One of the benefits of knowledge management is that there is improvement in the flow of knowledge, the core of knowledge management is information sharing.

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    • Thank you very much @madeuosedio. Consider a situation were one works in an organisation that does not value creativity and ingenuity but puts rigid bureaucratic policies above these even when they don’t produce the best results, what will be your sincere advice?


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