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Project Management can be termed the “mother” of all professions. While a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or results (PMBOK Guide 5th Edition), bound by a specified time frame, today’s entrepreneurs, the service industry, charities, parastatal, public and private sectors, have become more and more project oriented as most have learnt the benefits of ‘projectizing’ their business activities, Continue reading

Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches

managers & leadersThere is always discussion between Management and Leadership, in fact, they two does have similar traits but distinct responsibilities and functions. According to Kotter 2000, management and leadership are two distinctive and complementary in business environment, there is no which one is better than other one because they all have they own functions and characteristics to be necessary in successful business cases. Leadership and management both are very essential and not replaceable. Continue reading

The First Step is the Ultimate

Anthony BWhat are your dreams? What are your short and long term goals? Who are you in your dreams? We strive to conquer, empower and completely takeover

I grew up in a community where individuals find comfort in hard labor, rather than work for a future they so much desire. Where the rich are perceived as gods to be worshiped rather than inspirational figures to learn from. Where education is just set out to yield nothing but papers with stamps and a seat in a government office, rather than seeking the right knowledge to help build the world we desire. Where government officials care for nothing besides their family and luxury that comes with occupying high political positions. The system is so cruel that most, if not all, people just seek to satisfy their immediate needs. We turn to be comfortable achieving just our short term goals while forgetting the bigger picture. You don’t have to be limited in dreaming. Set out positive and healthy plans that will grow your wealth. Stay close to this page if need a strategy for positive planning with creative outcomes.

We have been in pits. We are surrounded by a system that makes it so difficult for success to reach us that easily. But that’s what makes success an achievement. Plan everyday my friends. A good plan will have you drinking excess of water in the middle of the dessert. Look around you, African youths are waking up from that quiet slumber. Inspirational speakers are surfacing with so much desire to share. You don’t need to rely on the government for success. The greatness Projects will guide you all the way. Your success lies within you. Act now rather than later. No more excuses. Embrace entrepreneurship and build to inspire.

Strive to inspire and conquer. It’s great to acknowledge your weaknesses, only if you don’t do anything to improve them though, are you truly weak.

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